joi, 14 ianuarie 2010

Eye of the soul

My eyes, beautiful, big, blue,
They see.
They see so many things
and some of them mean nothing
and some of them mean something.

My eyes, commune, childish, cute,
My eyes, dazzling, deep, doomed,
Doomed to see everything but souls.

what eyes should i have, from where,
to see more, to see more,
to see soul?

Sundrive to Heaven, 2 km

This Babylon's world i'm living in,
All mixture and confuse,
so juvenile, yet so complicated...
Not graceful, but stylish.

White flags...
This world surrenders, but doesn't lose the war.

Is this reality, or just it's surrogate?
My cerebral activity is dying just looking for a sence...

Any sense? Some sense?

Common sense...

For my doughter, Thea

There's someone living inside of me
She does,
She feeds my soul, i feed her belly,
There's someone the Creator allowed me to create
And, before i could even wait...
I'd noticed someone living inside of me

The small one room apartment is not big enough,
That little future person is struggling.
I feel her...
Growing longer and stronger...
As i feed her belly, she feeds my soul.

I wonder if, that someone inside of me knows,
That everywhere i go, she goes...
I wonder if she knows, that as my belly grows,
She grows,
That little someone living in my belly.